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The Barbara York



Quotes from Barbara York

"Like I said, it’s really hard to judge your own [legacy] when you’re the making of history. You know? Like, the person who started the revolution or the person who changed the law or you know. Otherwise, it’s really the creme of the artists. So, we’ll see. The whim of who plays and who teaches. We’ll see if there’s a legacy, but I’m very content with where I am now, anyway. I’m very content with how well I’ve been treated. Thank you." 

 "...I don’t get to write for Symphony orchestra very often, honestly. It’s not a…I don’t write avant-garde enough, now, to be commissioned much to write for symphony orchestra. It’s a really completely “stuck in the past” repertoire or they want something that’s “way out foot” and completely different and “never shall the twigs meet” kind of…I’m somewhere in the middle there."

"Low brass players are some of the best people I've ever met. They're a great community, they really are. They're laid back, and they're funny. They drink beer, you know - they're great. They're kind. They're mutually supportive"



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